Walk Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are used in hangars, warehouses, etc., where a larger opening into the building is required. They are not hinged but rather rollers are provided on top of the doors and this roller is placed on brackets allowing a sliding movement. These are either single leaf or double leaf.

Aluminum Windows

These windows are placed on the walls of a building and are double slide. They are moved by a sliding action controlled by guide ways and the jab fins. Multiple windows can be formed by joining the jamb fins together. Standard size of an aluminum window is 1 m x 1m. It is also provided with a half insect screen.


These are panels made from high pressure injected polyurethane foam and are meant for insulating a building. They are CFC-free, self-extinguishing, can withstand intense heat, contain extreme low temperatures and offer very low rates of water absorption and vapor transmission. The panels also provide excellent adhesion to the panel’s sheeting.


A louver is a frame containing adjustable overlapping blades which allow air flow and also block sunlight entry. The standard size available is 1m x 1m, which also incorporates insect screen, hand crank and blade adjustment lever.


Made of translucent GRP to match rib and wall panels, with an estimated light transmitting capacity of 60 %.