Roofing Solutions

Bzone offers complete range of roof system components and fittings to make your roof complete by providing high quality roofing solutions for waterproofing roofs and aesthetic roofs. Our roofing Solutions include



Bzone provide quality, corrosion resistance Tile Profile Steel sheets as per customer requirement. We are into offering premium quality Tile Profile Sheets that are designed and fashioned in the style that resembles old time clay tiles. These roof sheets are sure to enhance the charm and beauty of any building with their qualitative features. We supply Tile Profile Sheets at pocket friendly prices.



Bzone supply wide range of FRP products for roofing, cladding for industrial use. The thickness ranges from 0.60 mm to 10.00 mm in different colors and corrugation as per customer requirement. We can supply FRP sheets in different profile like AC corrugation, GI corrugation, Trapezoidal profile, Decking profile, Plain sheets, Dooms, Doors, etc., depending on applications and in uniform thickness.



Polycarbonate is polymer with a unique blend of desirable properties. Polycarbonate sheets can be thermoformed to make them suitable for a host of different applications. Polycarbonate sheets are used for industrial sky lights to provide daylight solutions in industrial and commercial structures. These polycarbonate roof sheets are available in a variety of profiles matching to commonly used industrial sheets like asbestos sheets, metal trap corrugated sheets, plastic corrugated sheets.

Polycarbonate corrugated sheets can be manufactured from compact clear, embossed or opal white sheets depending upon the amount of light required for the specific industrial application. Industrial roofing is principally done with the help of various types of corrugated/profiled sheets. If polycarbonate sheets are available in matching profile to the plastic corrugated roof sheets which are used on the roof, fixing the sheets becomes extremely easy and highly cost effective. Generally the sky lighting area in an industrial structure varies between 5% to 10% of the overall roof area. Bzone can offer entire range of corrugation/profile to match the roofing sheet of your choice, no matter how small or big the requirement.



Bzone provides customised decking sheet. Metal decking is one of the most effective method of constructing floors in steel building and significantly useful in high rise RCC/Steel buildings & TG buildings of Power Project constructions.

Metal decking can be effectively used in Multi-storey buildings (Industrial/Residential) – Shopping malls, Super markets, Silos, Storage Areas, Mezzanine floors, Bridges, Walkways, Platforms, etc.

Benefits of Decking Sheets:
  • Light weight and doesn’t require any support props for slab casting.
  • Act as composite member and as permanent shuttering.
  • Decreases in slab thickness, provide lighter slabs.
  • Reduced foundation loads resulting in less material consumption.
  • Reduces construction cost & time.


Turbine Roof Ventilators are designed and engineered to exhaust the hot air, waste gas, dust, humidity, harmful gas and many more invisible irritants from the workshop so as to better the working surroundings.

Turbine Roof Ventilators are natural, economical and effective way of exhausting air round the clock without power or operating costs. Ventilators are made of Stainless Steel or Aluminium which needs no maintainance, anti-acid & anti-corrosion. This turbine ventilation system totally is operated by non-conventional method of exhaust system. they are energy savers that give excellent performance requiring negligible maintenance.


Bzone offers a world-class range of panels which are manufactured using approved quality product and cutting edge technology.
Sandwich Puff Panel is used for roofing, wall cladding and cold room walling. Puff Insulation Panel is of high quality and consists of two facings of relatively thin metal sheet profiled of high strength enclosing a core, which is relatively thick and light with required stiffness. The facings are of aluminium or steel. Puf Panels are available from 30 mm to 150 mm thickness.


A unique concept of self-supporting roofing technology, which offers up to 24-m clear span roofs completely eliminating structural support systems, is making an impact in the roofing industry. This technology, with an installation capacity of 1,000 sq m per day, makes it an ideal choice for large warehouses. Features of trussless roofing are follows

  • This system doesn’t demand any supporting structure, i.e. a truss
  • No overlapping joint is required at any side/s (i.e. longitudinal or transverse)
  • The sideways joint is seamed by a machine, hence one cannot see any joint
  • No hole is driven into the sheet
  • The hole is driven at the end of the sheet, to pass the bolts to tightening, which is rested exactly over the RCC gutter beam

It possess the following advantages

  • The roof is maintenance-free and ensures long life
  • It offers protection to people, goods and machinery
  • It is non-combustible and has higher tensile strength that makes it stronger against accidents like fire and natural calamities like earthquakes and hurricanes